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All about Marrakech

In order to gain inspiration for our new collections, we travel to a location abroad every season. To spot trends, to discover other cultures and to absorb local colors and smells. We take these impressions home with us and let us guide them during our purchasing process, as well as with the design and the atmosphere in the stores. Our most recent destination: Marrakech, destination of 1001 nights!

On arrival in Marrakech you will be surprised by the hectic pace of the city, but also by the energy that is hanging in the spicy air. The way of life of the Berbers is fascinating, and in Marrakech you can get to know it in all its facets. Couscous, peppermint tea and snake charmers, but also in terms of fashion and interior, the couleur locale can definitely teach us some more!


What trends did we see?

Beni Ouarain carpets

Beni Ouarain carpets are still very much going on: these are authentic Berber carpets made in the Middle Atlas Mountains by local residents (mostly Berber women). The most typical color combination is an ivory-colored background with brown-black or gray motifs. These carpets fit perfectly in a minimalistic, Scandinavian interior, but also provide the necessary 'boho vibe' in a cozy living space.

Berber carpets

Berber carpets


Ethnic prints!

The fashion image of today is created by striking prints, lots of color and folklore. Byebye minimalist white / black and clean lines; the brighter, the better in your wardrobe. The ethnic prints provide an ultimate summer feeling, and we can only be happy with that! Combine a skirt in this print with a basic top, so that the print comes into its own and really stands out.

La Mamounia - Ethnic prints (2)

La Mamounia - Ethnic prints (1)


Wicker hand and beach bags

These are your ultimate accessory this summer. Put your leather handbag and fabric beach bag on this summer, because these airy braided variants are your companion on a hip beach or during your city trip. The soft earth tones and the natural material match beautifully with your colorful outfit!


Travel tips!

Finally, we would like to give you some travel tips for those who want to enjoy the atmosphere when reading this article.

  • Traveling to Marrakech does not have to be expensive: via Ryanair we booked a cheap and direct flight from Charleroi to Marrakech. ( www.ryanair.com )
  • To experience the ultimate '1001 night' feeling, you should stay in a Riad in the middle of the bustling city center. We chose Riad Irhalne, because it is centrally located, very affordable and also the perfect reflection of the Oriental fairy tale that we had in mind! ( https://www.riadirhalne.com/ ). Riads also on our wish list: El Fenn, Dyor, Dar-K, Dar Fakir, Alamir & Up.




Some culinary hipster hotspots that are definitely worth a visit:


roof terrace restaurant Nomad in the heart of the medina of Marrakech is fun and delicious and sunny and relaxed and photogenic to only put two photos on. Scandinavian in the mix with Morocco and a bit of St Tropez. On the menu light, fairly Western dishes, but all with a Moroccan base: mezzo, yogurt dips, Moroccan gazpacho, harira (Moroccan soup) and (lentil) salads, fish, vegetarian Briouat (a spicy vegetable oil), lamb or chicken peanut, calamari, couscous but also a citizen, for the enthusiast. ( https://nomadmarrakech.com )

Nomad view


Le Jardin:

Every city has those places that, no matter what, are not to be missed, no matter how many times you have been there. In Marrakech this is without doubt Le Jardin, in the middle of the Médina, the old city. Through a narrow door you enter the little piece of green divinity on earth and you are completely isolated from the hustle and bustle outside. On the menu are dishes from all over the world, all with a Moroccan twist. Salads, pastas and, of course, tagine and everything never more expensive than 15 euros. ( https://lejardinmarrakech.com/ )

Le Jardin


La Mamounia:

oh and do not forget to go to La Mamounia! The 'showcase' of Marrakech and for years the number 1 hotel in the world. The hotel has a fantastic spa for which you can purchase a day pass. And if you do that, you can also join the lunch buffet. Best. We. Ever. Had. For real. ( https://www.mamounia.com/en/ )




Clio, Kay & Jules