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First Communion trend ideas

Already busy planning the first Communion of your dearest child? A day to love, to embrace and most importantly, to enjoy! A bright outfit for mom and a cute present for the party animal? We got it all covered!

How to suit up?

Children are the center of attention on the big day but that doesn’t mean that you can’t shine a little. Take a look at our spring outfits and top it off with some elegant jewellery and simple (yet beautiful) accessories to accompany your outfit.

How to suit up outfit 1

How to suit up 1
How to suit up 2
How to suit up 3

How to suit up outfit 1

How to suit up 4
How to suit up 5
How to suit up 6

How to suit up outfit 1

How to suit up 7
How to suit up 8
How to suit up 9

Little gifts to give

Of course a little something can’t be forgotten. Unpacking presents is always a moment of pure joy. This applies for the giver as for the joyful kid who receives a present. Find some of our favourite picks above.

Little gifts to give 1
Little gifts to give 2
Little gifts to give 3
Little gifts to give 4
Little gifts to give 5
Little gifts to give 6
Little gifts to give 7
Little gifts to give 8
Little gifts to give 9