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When too lazy to go and get it, we're here to come to you! The idea is simple:

  • You invite some friends for a fashionable and cosy get-together at your place.
  • You take care of the drinks, we take care of the goodies and together we turn it into a cosy afternoon/evening where you and your friends have the chance to discover our jewellery and accessory collection. We do not bring our clothing collection (otherwise we should move our entire store ☺), but we can always bring pieces of interest upon request with us. Furthermore all items from our collection can be ordered on the homeparty, whether we bring them with us or not.
  • The only thing we need is space (preferably a big table) to present our stuff.
  • We ask for a minimum presence of 7 guests.
  • We don't follow the traditional demonstration concept, but rather install a 'pop up' store at your place, where everyone is free to have a look and try things on, or just have some drinks and a chat with friends.
  • Generally a homeparty takes 2 to 3 hours. By the end of the event your guests pass their orders and settle their purchase to us in cash.
  • What's in it for you? As a gift to host the event, you are allowed to select your all time favorites for an amount equal to 10% of the total sales revenue. If sales are higher than €500, you receive an extra present from us.
  • Delivery takes place max. 1-2 weeks after we've met. We send out the orders to your place so you can hand it over to your friends.

Intrested to host and organise your own Les Soeurs @Home? Send us an email to info@lessoeurs.be and leave us your location and preferred dates!


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