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Hotspots Knokke

Knokke, our favorite seaside resort in Belgium. Because: you will find the perfect marriage between beach and shopping, and there is always something to see and experience. Our perfect day starts with a late breakfast, followed by some quiet shopping in the morning. Small lunch to satisfy the hunger, to end up on the beach. Because, admittedly, we are real beachcombers who rotate with the sun, and lie under their wicker hats lurking at what looks like hip bikini, perfect beach tunic or designer bag. After a comprehensive and relaxed round-up, we finish with family and friends in one of Knokke's cozy restaurants. Nobody says that holiday in their own country has to be boring!

These are the hotspots:  


Atelier Lucas

Atelier Lucas - Knokke

a concept in Knokke! Go in the morning in the long queue for the best pistolets and patisserie.



Cozy, contemporary breakfast shop in the Dumortierlaan. Also nice for lunch!

Eetboetiek (Sluis)


Coffee, breakfast, cake and sandwiches served by Michel Herman, brother of.


Le Coup Vert

Le Coup Vert

The exquisite lunch address of Christian Souvereyns, where we like to relax after a pleasant beach walk. Be sure to try the pasta botarga!  


La Terrasse du Zoute

Classic on the Kustlaan! Unabashed people watch with cheese or shrimp croquettes and a tasty cocktail.



Airrepublic Knokke

Brasserie according to the definition of Sergio Herman. 360 ° view of the sea and Zeeland products on your plate. Airrepublic is also fucking perfect!




Calypso - Knokke

Jungle vibes at Calypso in Knokke, where you can enjoy the tropical setting, delicious cocktails and tasty snacks. Be sure to check out our Les Soeurs deco wall!


The Pharmacy

The Pharmacy

Speakeasy bar in a secret location in Knokke where taste is central. You do not go for the most classic cocktails, but for unique creations that stimulate your taste buds by Hanna van Ongevalle, best bartender of Belgium ( Girlpower !)





'Brasa' means 'grill' in Catalan and that is exactly what you can expect in this trendy restaurant. The very best of the grill, and top products served with a creative and international twist.


La Sapinière

Cozy brown brasserie where you go for the ultimate conviviality, the nice terrace and the atmosphere. Especially in the summer it is fine dining and sitting outside. Be sure to try their pasta with truffle or the lobster 'La Sapinière'.


Le Boudin Sauvage

Le Boudin Sauvage

Fondue in all its facets! The owner of the business is a surfer in heart and soul and that atmosphere is also in his business. You are excited about it, surf the ambiance and you go outside with a good feeling. Favorite: the Eastern Fondue.



Grill restaurant in an old shed along the road in the picturesque Retranchement. Okay, the interior looks like the tractors have been pulled out last week, but the food is good! A huge recommendation.



Just Julia

Just Julia Knokke

For Julia, for Oscar, and their beautiful selection of brands. They moved to their new location on the Kustlaan last week; go definitely take a look, because not only the clothes, but also the property is to die for .


A Suivre

A Suivre

Our own Les Soeurs collection you score on pay day , what is hanging at A Suivre is in our opinion absolutely one day ! Multibrand store with the finest prints, fabrics and ethnically eclectic bliss. Also run by sisters ( the future is female !).


Les Soeurs

Les Soeurs - Knokke

Characteristic of our store in Knokke is the ultimate holiday atmosphere that prevails! Customers come to their bare feet and sunglasses straight from the beach for beach bags, ethnic cushions and tunics with colorful prints. Move over Ibiza , Knokke is the next best thing .


Love Stories

Love Stories Knokke

Those who are on the coast obviously need swimwear. And that's what Love Stories has looked at smartly. After Antwerp and Ghent, this fashionable seaside resort can now also welcome the lingerie store. And coincidentally, this gem is situated in front of our store <img class="emoji td-animation-stack-type0-2" draggable="false" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/11/svg/1f60a.svg" alt="