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From runways to street style during Milan fashion weeks, from Gigi Hadid to our very own Tiany Kiriloff, the famous paisley or bandana print is back and hotter than ever . With its ancient Persian and Indian origins with hidden messages and mysterious symbolism, the iconic motif has a long history behind it. The paisley pattern has traveled the Silk Roads from East to West, adorning the bandanas of tough cowboys and bikers, ushering in the hippie era and becoming the emblem of rock 'n' roll. Most present was this print during the Summer of Love (1967), when the Beatles went to India for some spiritual healing. And John Lennon had his Rolls Royce painted appropriately in paisley print.

But what's behind paisley's incredible longevity? Its symbolic power: The original Persian teardrop motif - the boteh or buta - is said to have depicted a flower branch combined with a cypress, a symbol of life and eternity . The seed-like shape is also believed to represent fertility and bears an intriguing resemblance to the famous yin yang symbol. Due to the origins of paisley, the print has always evoked a sense of exoticism and luxury.

The current fashion image is gradually changing into beautiful paisley prints, with a dose of optimism and longing for the summer to come. After all, in the current zeitgeist, we long for that Summer of Love more than ever. PEACE.