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"That is what Les Soeurs is all about. Fashion that feels great to wear, that makes you dream and makes women feel good. Fashion a woman buys for herself. "

Our mission

Les Soeurs, or Clio, Kay and Jules. Three ambitious sisters with extensive knowledge of the fashion industry and marketing, who dare to dream. Who want other women to also dare to dream, to also be ambitious, to also be authentic and genuine. It is for them we create and produce our own clothing and jewellery label 'Les Soeurs'. We sell these pieces together with other labels in our boutiques with a lot of care and consideration for every single customer.

We continuously launch new collections throughout the year, consisting of affordable, trendy feel-good fashion at the right price; that is what Les Soeurs is all about. Fashion that feels great to wear, that makes you dream and makes women feel good. Fashion a woman buys for herself. Les Soeurs’ aim is to sell more than tangible products; we also want to make women feel good and spread the happiness that Les Soeurs gives us every day.


Our vision

In our meticulously curated multi-brand stores we offer products at fashion chain prices, but with the experience and service of a boutique. We position ourselves between the more expensive boutique and the affordable fashion chain: as the affordable boutique. Customers can buy an item of clothing or piece of jewellery from us that they won’t see being worn by all and sundry any time soon. We don't want to sell mass-produced items, but cool authentic pieces made with care and love.

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We strive to excel and be the best in our field by setting and pursuing ambitious goals for ourselves and our organisation.


We really focus on adopting an approach to work that is correct, transparent, reliable and constructive, and strive for long-term collaboration with our team members, our suppliers and our partners. Les Soeurs is known in its sector as an honest, open, correct and friendly player that people enjoy working with, which is something we highly value.


We truly believe that dreams can be pursued and fulfilled if you genuinely believe in them and work hard enough. We never stop dreaming. Turning dreams into reality is what we’re about.


Customer service always comes first. With regard to service, we want to surpass customer expectations and provide outstanding further support. We go the extra mile for a smile.


Those who cannot share, cannot prosper. At Les Soeurs, no one works individually and every success is a shared victory. We encourage consultation to help, motivate and inspire each other to achieve even better collective results.

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